Activity at Hellishólar and local area

Fishing: Lake Hellisholar is well stocked with trout, with around a thousand rainbow trouts released into the lake each summer, weighing from 1,5 to 4 pounds. A large amount of oxygen in the water and good condition are the cause of the trout being very lively. Fishing rods are for children and grown ups are for sale at Hellisholar. The price for fiching in lake Hellisholar is 6.000 isk, 4 trouts included.

A part of the salmon fishing river Þverá runs through Hellishólar’s land and fishing licences are available from the Reykjavík Angling Society. (Stangveiðifélag Reykjavíkur)

Hot tops: At the camping area are two hot tops which visitors at Hellishólar can use for free.

Horse rental: In the neighbouring farm 2 km away from Hellisholar is a Horse rental for indivituals and groups. Guided tours around the area are available and can suit people from any age groups, skilled riders or first timers.

Swimming: Outdoor swimming pools are located both in the sport centre at Hvolsvöllur and Hella. Seljavellir farm also has some nice outdoor swimming pools to offer.

Njálu saga sites: Hellishólar stands in the middle of the saga sites of Njáls saga, which is the most famous of the Icelandic sagas (it’s sometimes called “The Story of Burnt Njál”). The Saga Center at Hvolsvöllur has a lot to offer for those who would like to know more of this great saga.

Skógar Museum: In Skógar there is a popular Ethnological Museum where you can find everything from rare atchaeological findings to Middle Aged houses and ships.

Tumastaðaskógur (Tumastaðaforest): At Tumastaðir there is a government owned forest plantation. There you can see a beautiful forest with marked paths for walks. Tumastaðir are located at Fljótshlíðarveg.

Þórsmörk: Kynnisferðir, an Icelandic bus company, have daily trips to Þórsmörk from Hvolsvöllur during the summer time. Þórsmörk is a scenic national park and has many beautiful walking paths and trails.

Interesting places to visit:  Various daytrips are available in south Iceland, for example Gullfoss, Geysir, Seljalandsfoss and Emstrur.